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Its looking like BMW will release an M2 of the new 2 series coupe, but what is it going to mean for M4 in particular?

Earlier this year our own source close to the brand mentioned that a BMW M2 will undergo a longer development phase. With an aggressive package, the M2 will strongly differentiate itself from the M135i hatch and the M235i Coupe model. The M2 is said to sport an unique fascia with large air intakes, wider track and wider rear fenders, as well as a rear spoiler and the signature M four-exhaust pipes. Kinda what BMW has previewed with their M235i Racing car.

The magazine also says that the BMW M2 is expected to adopt much of the new chassis technology found in the M3 and M4, including an electronically controlled limited slip rear differential dubbed Active M Differential.
Where it really gets interesting is discussing powertrains, the M2 should use a detuned version of the M4's mill, putting out something int he range of 380hp, coupled with the smaller dimensions and lighter weight than even M4, the P/W ratios will be different.

Not to mention the inevitable cost differences, I don't know I could be enticed to wait around for at least a peak at the M2...
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