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We are the authorized dealer of ADV.1 wheels company and they keep updating us with their latest photoshots. BMW M3 sedan with ADV5.0 Trak Function rims looks really impressive. They fit into BMW exterior in the best way. ADV.1 also makes rims for Lamborghini and Ferrari - so the quality is on the highest level.

What do you think about this one?

Check more pictures in the post on - social network for car enthusiasts:

If you're interested - our wheel specialists can get quote on ADV.1 rims & tires package for for your particular model!

Read about ADV.1 and see other rim models here:


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I think that these rims are a bit over the top, especially on this particular green M3. That bronze/copper color could look good on a vehicle, but I think that the body color would have to be something more neutral. Even then, I'm not completely convinced that they will look at home on many vehicles. They are trying really hard.
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