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It's time to replace my original Continental ContiProContact SSR run-flat tires. I've read a great deal about staying with RFTs or replacing them with regular tires, and I see pluses and minuses with either approach.

I have no problem with my current tires; road noise is low, ride comfort is good, and 26-30k miles before replacing is acceptable.

Buying/installing a new set of RFTs would cost about $150 more than the regular tires I would buy (BFGoodrich - g-Force COMP-2 A/S), so cost difference is not an issue.

I have two questions:
1. My only concern about RFTs is when I might be much more than 50 miles away from a tire shop; would sealant injected into an RFT allow me to keep driving for several hundred miles (as it would on a regular tire)?

2. If RFT air pressure is moderately low (as indicated by the TPMS), is there any harm to the tires if I keep driving 50, 100, or more miles before I find a place to add air to the tires?

Thank you,
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