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The M3's sky is falling

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How many of you are up in arms at the name change? Clicking around some other BMW forums traditionalists are quite upset that the M version of the new 4-series will be badged M4. Similar to people up in arms about the g37 to Q60 swap, does the name mean that much or do you care more about what the car actually does ;)
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some name change wont change what the car is to me.
at least there will still be M3 sedans, and it's only the coupes dropping the M3 badge for M4.
I understand where you're coming from, but if its really that upsetting to you why not swap the badges? 10.99 on ebay for gen-you-ine m3 badges...
even with it badgeless it will be fine and people will still know it's an M model, after all it will have the obvious signs of being an M model BMW :)
I'm going to run it debadged of M3 or M4 badges.

Problem solved.
best way to go, i'll just keep the BMW emblem, since to me it acts like a centerpiece for the car, just have to have it!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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