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Some 4-Series Convertible Spy Shots for your consideration

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Check out these spy shots of a 4-Series convertible with minimal camo. This particular vehicle definitely has the optional M Sport cosmetic package with red leather seats.

It looks about how I would expect it to: gorgeous.
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Looking great! I love the clean, new and modern look of the 4 series. Have you guys seen the 1 official Bmw 4 series commercial yet?

Why even bother with the camo anymore when 90% of the body is already exposed...

Even with the minimal camo on the front bumper you can tell the 4 series coupe looks good with the M sport trim bumper. I don't know about the matching red interior looks odd to me. Maybe if the interior was black it would be better.
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It took a while but now at leased we can see how the convertible looks like. The remaining camouflage gave me a good chuckle.

That is the best looking bumper so far that we have seen. Sucks for those who are getting the luxury line model without the M sport bumper. Just pay the $3,700 extra for the M sport!

There is a commercial out?
The convertible this time around looks smoother and not forced like in the 3 series. The only thing i want to see is it with the top up. Is this 4 series convertible a soft top or a hard top?

Here it is guys. Too bad it doesn't have the M sport bumper on this model though. Still a decent commercial.

I am gonna say it's a hard top model that is shown here from the OP.
that is a lame attempt at trying to hide the car.
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