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I bought a 2022 X3 with Sensatec seats. It put out a smell that was hard for my wife to tolerate. I had less of a problem, but it was distinctive. This was serious enough that we decided to trade the car and get leather seats. I decided to go with the 2022 f33 with leather. We had to travel to get the car, and on arrival, the top was down. We drove away with the top down. However, once the top was up, my wife again noticed the same smell she described as not as strong. If I am correct, the dash is also made of Sensatec. I did not consider that possibility. She does not want to get in the car unless the top is down. We were on the road for three weeks, and the entire time the top was down. It gets old. Many times you want the top-up. So I look at her like she is nuts, but honestly, I notice the smell more and more. Sort of a chemical smell. Gets in the back of your throat. A search on this forum made me try baking soda and newspapers but still a problem. Also, I searched the internet and found nothing, so this is not a concern people are talking about.

If anyone understands what I am talking about and has ideas on resolving the smell, I would greatly appreciate your response.
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