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Hi Everyone, forum newb post #1 here.

My wife and I traded my 2007 335xi daily driver in towards another vehicle, and we are now thinking of replacing her daily driver for something like a certified pre-owned 2015 435i xDrive or an Audi S5. She likes the hard top of the 435i convertible so we aren't yet set on coupe or convertible for a BMW. An S5 would be a coupe as the soft top and roof line of the 'vert isn't pleasing to her.

I loved our 335xi with the sport and cold weather packages. My wife also really liked the 335xi, but she wasn't a fan of how hard the ride was over potholes and rough roads. I think 2007 was one of the first years BMW started putting run flat tires on vehicles. In her opinion was more tolerable when I swapped the RFTs out for Michelin Pilot Super Sports in spring/summer, but still a bit harsh for her liking.

As this vehicle would be her daily driver I want to make sure she is in something she's comfortable in.

Eight model years later how would you say the ride has changed if we go with a 435i xDrive? From the research I've done so far it looks like the Sport Line only comes with the stiffer suspension in the RWD models. I don't see anything related to suspension on the build sheets for CPO Sport Line 435i xDrive units I'm looking at even though some dealer ads seem to inaccurately list "M Sport Suspension."

Most of the loaners we had from the BMW when getting service over the years were stripped down 3-eries or the random grand coupe so we haven't yet had a chance to compare. There isn't much for certified 435i xDrive inventory around us to go try and I'm looking at units a few hundred miles away.

Thank you in advance for any opinions on option combinations to look for.
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