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Discussion Starter · #1 · took an M4 and RC-F (along with an ATS-V) to the Autobahn Raceway outside Chicago for their Performance Coupe Challenge. zero's in on their pure instincts as track cars instead of muddling their feelings with road manners, which plays to the BMW's strengths.

M4 Pros

  • Dedicated experience
  • Tightly tuned suspension and steering
  • Engine is great on track coming out of a corner, torque rockets the M4 out of corners
  • Benchmark of class
  • No learning curve, by far the most fun
  • Phenomenal brakes
  • torque torque torque

M4 Cons

  • Automatic gearbox isnt intuitive on track
  • Exhaust note isn't that pleasant, sounds like economy 4 cylinder

RC F Pros

  • Automatic Transmission in its most aggressive mode isn't bad on track
  • Best sounding engine of the bunch
  • Throaty high revving and aggressive revs are aurally pleasing
  • Great first effort

RC F Cons

  • Heavier weight makes it feel torque-less
  • Felt over matched by the track
  • Exhibited too much understeer when being pushed
  • V8 felt lifeless coming out of corners, needs high revs to get power out of it

In road comparisons the RC-F has faired much better vs the M4. The RC-F is better suited to touring then out and out hot lapping. It's a good first effort from Lexus indeed, moving forward this rivalry should become much closer on the tarmac.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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