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You might of heard about the diesel debacle currently consuming the auto industry world over.

A scandal this widespread is unlikely to stop at one casualty, and its not. This morning news comes from Europe that BMW is now being investigated. Germany's AUTO BILD is reporting that the same International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) that blew the whistle on VW has found that in real world road testing the BMW X3 20d xDrive is guilty of emitting 11x more NOx then is allowed under Euro 6 emission regulations.

BMW's 2.0 diesel is also found under the hood of the 420d and 320d.

In response BMW has said that they do not employ defeat devices “The BMW Group does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests, we observe the legal requirements in each country.”

Regardless that didn't stop BMW shares from dropping some 7 percent by mid afternoon in Germany. However its unclear if BMW has actually done anything in the same spirit as VW. 14 other BMW vehicles tested complied with regulations.

The EU does allow manufacturers to optimize their lab results by stripping weight for example, which is widening the gap between real world performance and lab data according to Tuev Sued speaking to Reuters. Technically speaking, it doesn't seem like BMW is cheating...
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