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According to The Detroit Bureau BMW's next generation M3 and M4 siblings will feature hybrid propulsion- the first and certainly not last from the M brand.

The rear wheels would and should be driven by gasoline power- motivation could come from the current TT inline 6, or potentially a potent 4-pot- the front wheels would feature one or two electric motors for their drive. IF BMW chooses to use two motors there could be inherent torque vectoring advantages.

The report muddles the relationship between BMW's M and i sub-brands. It was thought initially that M would leaved PHEV and EV tech to the i brand, however it seems cars like the P1 and LaFerrari are changing the perception of hybrid performance, something the M brand could leverage successfully.

“We have a lot to learn from BMW i,” a senior executive who has worked on both the battery brand and on BMW M, told The Detroit Bureau. Until recently BMW considered M and i as “bookends,” distinct from one another.

The next gen M3/M4 would be capable of travelling 20 miles on pure electricity. A prescient move as European cities start to consider banning gasoline use within city limits. Stay Tuned
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