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Hi All!
Newbie Forum member here!
Bought my first 4 series a couple of months ago - 2015 420D F33 M Sport in Estoril Blue, with heated leather (oyster or ivory I think?) one owner, full BMWSH with only 59k on the clock.
Absolutely love it! I came from a 520D Toiring which was my company car, and before that have had another 520D plus two 320Ds, all company cars, but I decided to opt out the company scheme and get something I wanted to drive.
The card in really good condition inside and out with lots of options rocked - heated leather, air scarf, heated steering wheel, flappy paddles etc.
Although it’s a diesel, it’s actually pretty quick too, certainly a lot quicker than my 520D Touring, despite being the same lump.
Get the roof down as much as I can too, can’t wait for the warmer weather here in the UK!
Sure I’ll have plenty of questions as I start to play with her!


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