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Upgrade the performance of your S55 powered BMW M-Series F80/F82 by switching over from your OEM intercooler to the advanced, high-efficiency Top Mount Intercooler by Agency Power. No matter if you live in hot climates or simply enjoy taking your engine to the limits, the new F8X intercooler will offer significantly better cooling and decrease the chance of overheating.

Agency Power - Top Mount Intercooler


BMW F80 M3
BMW F82 M4
BMW F83 M4
BMW F87 M2 Competition (S55)


All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • 61% Larger Than Stock
  • Lower Charge Air Temperatures
  • Consistent Charge Air Temperatures
  • Reduced Chance of Detonation
  • Reduced Change of Heat Soak
  • Cooler Air = More Power!
  • Available in Silver

Follow this link to read more information about the latest Agency Power Release:​
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