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Check out these 5 new apps that are compatible with the BMW iDrive system.

TuneIn provides 40 million listeners each month over 70,000 internet radio stations. The stations span music, sports, talk radio and news. The service also provides live sports coverage and almost any podcast that you could desire. 2 million on-demand programmes from every corner of the world are also at listeners fingertips. I challenge you to get bored on a car ride with all that entertainment at your disposal.

Deezer is a subscription music service that is available in 182 countries. The service gives subscribers access to 25 million music tracks which can be accessed through their smartphone, laptop, tablet, home music system, in car music system, or work computer. Deezer is meant to be a music discovery app. 100 million sharable playlists are created by amazing music editors who spend their time discovering the newest and best music all day long.

Napster by Rhapsody
Napster by Rhapsody is available in 16 European countries and the USA. The service gives subscribers access to over 20 million songs, one of the largest musical catalogs in the entire world. There are plenty of pre-made playlists that are included with the service as well.

Audible provides downloadable audiobooks and other audio content to its users/ The app has over 135,000 audio programmes from more than 2,700 content providers. Since Audible is the exclusive provider of audiobooks to the iTunes store, you can imagine that the catalog is quite expansive. The app even lets you switch from reading on your Kindle at home to listening to the audiobook version in your car seamlessly.

Finally, there is Glympse. Glympse is a genius app that allows you to share your location and your ETA with others. Your location as well as your destination can be seen on a map. This is great for letting your kids or partner know when you are going to be home after work. You can share your location for minutes up to 4 hours.

What do you guys think of these apps? Will you be utilizing them in your BMW?

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I love music and will make use of the tunein app mainly, but I already have a bunch of music on my smartphone.

If I had a daughter and gave her my 4-series to drive around, I would make sure Glympse is installed :D
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