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I have a 2014 435convertible with the M Sports package and the M Performance exhaust
I am looking at installing a MPPK which off course is done via my BMW dealer, in Canada this will cost me $1973. CND plus taxes, they installation is free

I went ny another BMW dealer who is an authorized Dinan Dealer and can install a Dinan Tuner for $1000.00 more

The MPPK will give me 35HP and 32 Pounds Torque extra while as per the BMW Dinan dealer I will get 65 HP and 92 Pounds Torque extra............I don't know if these numbers are realistic and don't if I want to have a Dinan tune on my vehicle vs a MPPK when it comes to reselling

Need some advise

Thank You
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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