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No matter if your BMW 4-Series is new or if you own it for a while already, paint job protection is extremely important to maintain a great look and improve resale value. Garage storage or parking in the safe place can't guarantee that you won't see any stains, dents or scratches on your valuable investment. Luckily there is a simple solution – a car cover!

At a first glance, its just a piece of cloth and you don't expect much from it. However, it will keep the paint job and the overall look of your BMW 4-Series untouched and fresh, like you've just picked it up from a dealership. Once you start searching for a car cover you might face a lot of unknown terms and questions. We are here to take your worries away and help you make your shopping easier. Watch our new Car Covers Buyers Guide video on YouTube and find all the answers about car covers there. All their types, fabrics, styles and sizes, things to consider and useful tips are gathered in our guide for better understanding of these products.

Get even more information in our tech article Car Covers Shopping Guide

Protect your BMW 4-Series with a car cover from CARiD
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