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Canadian comparison of the M4 vs the Ftype V6S (coupe) relatively fair fight I would say. The Ftype is a more fashion conscious accessory (that matters to some)

Then, there’s the sound. Even with Dynamic Mode deactivated (this adds exhaust baffling as a default), the drone emitted through those potato canon tailpipes leaves little to the imagination. Activate Dynamic Mode with a flip of a (copper, of course) toggle switch mounted northwest of the gear lever and the sound becomes absolutely feral, the banshee-like wail interrupted only by satisfying “CRACK-CRACK-CRACK” through the exhaust between shifts or when backing off the throttle. It’s loud (I’d open the windows while passing through a tunnel just to get the full effect), it can be heard coming for miles and to be honest, while there’s a button used just to activate the loud exhaust, we used it more to deactivate the noise in Dynamic Mode (it defaults to “on” as soon as you select Dynamic). It sounds great, but it can be a little too much after a while.
I mean yea, sound alone I'd go Jag all day too ;)
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