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M4 Rims to 435 M Sport Package

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Hello, I need help please!!!

I have a 2014 435i M Sport Package
I recently bought M4 Rims (9Jx19 front and 10Jx19Rear)

I'm not sure about using 255/35 tires for front and 275/35 for rear (wich is used in M4)
Or........ 245/35 front and 265/35 rear (used in M2)

I dont know in both cases if it will fit or should I need to use other Tires?

Thank you
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They'll fit. I really don't think that they've made any changes in order to fit the larger wheels into the M4 so they should be a direct fit no problem.
Don't think there's any differences in spacing, worst case scenario you might need a spacer but what you can do is call up your local BMW dealer and ask if they're able to explain any differences with the 435 and M4, they'll be able to see all the parts on their diagrams.
Possibly a spacer if the suspension is different. Like if the spring perch sticks out further on the 435 opposed to the M4. Otherwise, you shouldn't need it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts