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M style bumper for BMW 4-series

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We all love the sporty look of BMW M series.
Duraflex recently released the 1M bumper which can be installed on any BMW 4-series.
No doubt it looks really sharp. It's just a must have thing for base trim 4-series models.
Bolts right on the place of your stock bumper.

What do you think about this conversion?

Duraflex® - 1M Look Front Bumper

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I would advise that people look into what it costs to get one from the dealer and to do this conversion rather than go for some knock off like this.
Duraflex parts are really popular, they were even featured in Need For Speed game series. In most cases the price on their body parts is lower than dealer's but it all depends. It will be surely useful to see if it's possible to get it from a dealer and see what would it come up to. We're just giving you an interesting idea and option of where to get it from.
yea not for anything I wouldn't call them knock off. There's no claim to be an official BMW product, what you don't like saving money? Good for you, go spend $2-3K for "offical" BMW piece... Only person who will know how "authentic" your bumper is, is the guy kicking himself for spending double what he had too ;)

happy hunting...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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