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That gorgeous looking BMW may not be a 4 Series but that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from it for our own coupe.

Autocouture Motoring started with a BMW M4 and then proceeded to cover it in the iconic Laguna Seca Blue. What’s so special about this blue you may ask? The color got its name from the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca circuit in California and this is where BMW bagged their second motorsport win. This color originally debuted on the BMW E46 and it’s not a common color option these days. Even when BMW does offer it, the paint option could cost you around an additional $2,000. Unfortunately, this paint option is not offered with any model of the 4 Series lineup but, you can probably have your vehicle wrapped or painted Laguna Seca Blue by a company similar to Autocouture Motoring

Paired with the finish is a set of 20 inch, rose gold/copper HRE Performance alloy wheels. The exact wheel model was not revealed and for all we know, it could be a custom set for all we know but, the closest one we can find from HRE Wheels’ own site is the S101. It’s a forged 3-piece wheel that you can get it in a multitude of colors and it comes in four sizes; 19”, 20”, 21” and 22”.

Other new external features include a front carbon fiber from splitter, integrated carbon diffuser, rear decklid spoiler, and black exterior details like the kidneys and grille.

While these specific exterior mods are not available for the 4 Series models, you can still take inspiration from this build and transfer it onto your own car.
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