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New to the bmw world but not to jb4. Ran one on my 2017 q50 and was very impressed. I just scooped an insanely clean 2015 435i with 17k miles on it. Car never sold new and was first purchased in December of 2018 so it still has a year left of full warranty (12/2022)🤯😂. Car is completely stock as of now but plan to add some bolt ons. I see that charge pipes have been an issue on the n55. Question is, should I replace this if I only plan to run map1 for now and also taking into consideration of how low mileage the car is? I’ve been researching and I’m having a problem finding similar cars like mine with very low mileage. Everyone I see taking about charge pipes have way higher mileage vehicles than mine. Is charge pipes a problem right from factory or is it something not to worry about with such low miles. Thanks for any help
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