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I have a 435Xi 6-speed, about 3k miles on it . I've noticed from 65 mph and up the shifter shakes- vibrating and pulsing in a way that's fairly annoying, especially for a car of this caliber. All 4 wheels have been road force balanced as a first attempt to rectify the problem. No change.

I brought the car to the dealer and the QC guy took a ride with me, noticed the shake in the shifter on the highway, and said "these cars all do that". I asked him to provide another 6 speed like mine to prove the claim- he said he'd have to look around at his inventory to see if he has a similar vehicle for me to drive. So far, nothing.

So I'm just wondering if other drivers have this complaint, or if anyone can help me understand what could be causing this shifter-shake at speed. I really do like this car, but it's hard to believe BMW would knowingly produce >$50K vehicles with this characteristic-
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