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Just collected a 4 series M Sport with Pro Nav upgrade and have some questions for anyone that has a similar set-up.

Having re-read the information on the BMW site ( I think I missed a trick not adding Enhanced Bluetooth to the car.

Without this I think I cannot use the email and text Office options (Calender seems to be OK via the BMW Connected method with the appropriate iPhone app) or have 2 phones connected at the same time (which with a work and personal phone would have been great). If anyone knows any different i.e. if I used an offical BMW cable or cradle (is there one for the iPhone 5?) I would love to know.

Secondly - can I load music onto the HDD via a USB stick? I seem to only have one USB (in the centre column) where I thought there should be a second in the glovebox (there was on my previous 5 series).

If I can load via the USB in the centre section - how does the system perform compared to having the iPhone connected via cable? Ideally I want music (that is normally stored on my personal phone) available and to have the work phone connected via USB so as to be able to see the calender.

Any help / comments welcomed.

Great car though whatever the outcome of the tech is....
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