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Hey guys! Right now I'm looking at the 428. My problem is deciding color, 2 or 4 door, and to go with the hatchback. I took one for a test drive the other day, and the 4 cylinder twin turbo has a lot of power, so I don't think I need the 6 cylinder. I'm trying to find out if anyone has the Orbit Gray wheels, so I can see some pictures of them before going for the Track Package. I think it would look great with the Metallic Gray, or with the Alpine White. I like the lines on the 2 door more than the 4 door. The M series looks even better, but I can't afford that. Apparently, on my current computer here, I can't create a new paragraph, so please forgive my format. I would like to add the Lighting Package too. Also, does anyone in here recommend going with the 2-year additional warranty? Thanks!
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