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Morning all.

Had been using F30Bimmerpost, but wasn't really feeling at home there. Searched google and there you guys are...a 4 Series Forum 😁

This is me and my little project.

I thought I'd give the Spec's of the car for those that are interested:

BMW 430d Msport Plus
Remapped, running approximately 320Hp.
Engine was recently removed from the car by BMConnected in Essex, for a complete overhaul, this included replacement timing chains, guides, pulleys, tensioners. A walnut (media) blast of the intakes/vales. XHP stage 2 Gearbox remap and service.
H&R [Red] Super Sport Springs (28877)
Work Wheels VSXX in 20 x 9 and 20 x 10.5
Brembo Dimpled/Grooved brakes, front and rear with Brembo Xtra Pads
Cosmetic Mods, like most others have - wing mirrors etc.

I was running a JHP Carbon Lip but it was so flimsy that it hit the floor and broke up at speed (hence the bolts under the bumper) :rolleyes:, the third Lip I've had, so running without one at the moment, I quite like the OEM Plus look.

Anyway, wanted to say hello to everyone.

Thanks for looking 👋
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