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Hello from the UK

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I have pre-ordered my 428i M Sport and the dealer says to expect it before the end of October.:D

This will be my third BMW having started in 2006 with a 320si (The touring car homologation type, loved the car but it was a tad unreliable and dropped into "get you home mode" with a will of its own!:dodgy:)and then onto the current 320i M Sport Coupe.

One question: Why is the colour range so limited on the M Sport?

I have now gone with Black Sapphire, but I originally spec'd it in Imperial Blue and was willing to pay the £2500 extra to do it.

Unfortunately BMW have said that they won't do custom colour requests until the 4's have been in production for at least 6 months!

I was not sure I had done the right thing with the colour until I saw the video on YouTube of the one being unveiled in Italy. I know it is the 435 in the video but God it looks good!

I've also gone with the Head-up display. Sales lady gave me a funny look when I asked for a cannon sight on the display! I just thought it would be fun to have it for cyclists....a cannon would also have been fun.

October cannot come quick enough!
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Welcome to the 4-Series forums! I too wish there was a larger color range.
Welcome to the 4-Series forums! I too wish there was a larger color range.
as usual, expect more come one year after the original on-sale date.
the color options currently available is what's safe for BMW to work with.
plus releasing all the colors out is no fun!
Congrats and welcome to the forum. Do you not like the estoril blue?

I know it has been mentioned about the few color selection but there might be other colors offered later on. Not a bad choice in color though that was my second color I was going for.
To be honest I'm not that keen on mid to light blues on any car. For me it sort of "ages" them prematurely....I know that sounds weird, it's just me.

With regards to the others, white loses detail of the design, the red makes the bonnet look short (yes,yes, I know, weird!?), silver doesn't reward polishing and is a bit of a non-colour (my current 320i Coupe is Titanium silver...hate idea why I picked it!).

Although Mineral grey was in the running after seeing the commercial, whilst on holiday in Sicily in July I saw a 3 series in Black Sapphire and it looked darned nice so that swung it.

My 320si was in Carbon Black, very nice, so I know dark colours show the dirt but it looked awesome when polished up.

I have also had Gard X as an option on body and wheels. Hopefully it will do what it says on the tin.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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