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Has BMW gone off the rails??

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Swift on the heels of the 4 series BMW gives us another mind bending excuse of a model...

Meet the X4 Activity Coupe... a Scaled down version of the X6, the size of an X3. What it looks like to me is that BMW is applying the same logic (or lack) to their SUV as their cars.

If my head isn't to warped what I understand is that the X6 is the 'coupe' version of the X5, like the 6 series is the coupe of the 5 series. Now it looks like the X4 is going to be the 'coupe' version of the X3 similar to the 4 series being the coupe to the 3 series...

Production is scheduled for sometime during 2014 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, alongside X6, X5, X3, and X1.

Funny business indeed.

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The X6 never really did all that well with sales, so maybe this is their way of using the same idea but in a much more affordable way so in the end they hopefully have a success on their hands.
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