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This will be my first BMW and lease so need your help. Here are my details, is this a good deal or should I negotiate further? Car is alpine white, has the premium package, Nav, Sport line, driver assist, and heated front seats.

MSRP: 49,530
Discount: 499
True Price: 49031
Discount: 4300
Adjusted Price: 44731
Destination Fee: 925
Doc Fee: 599
ETR: 49
Tax: 3125.52
Non tax fees: 39
Net Price: 49471

With $2100 down the pmt would be $595 or $653 0 down
RV: 30,213
MF: .0013

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Thanks Scott. Is the "destination fee" typically negotiated?
No. That is a flat fee. You can always try, though.

In the grand scheme, that $925 fee isn't high at all. Since I began the ordering process 2 months ago, I've become aware all of the man-power and logistics involved pertaining to initial ordering, production, transport, prep, and other in between steps. I can really appreciate it when I take delivery this week or next.
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