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Making your suspension stiffer is always great if you want to improve the handling and cornering. It also gives you other benefits like responsive handling, reduced body roll, increased stability and aggressive stance. Would you like to experience all this on your BMW? Than Eibach is your perfect choice!

Whether you need a complete suspension system, coilovers, wheel spacers, pro-alignment kits or lowering springs, Eibach has got you covered. When manufacturing their products, Eibach uses high strength spring-steel alloys, advanced CNC processes and high quality corrosion protection to ensure great performance and extreme longevity of their components. All products are real-life testes and proven to provide the best possible harmony between the vehicle, the driver and the road. With Eibach spring kits on you can be confident, that you're getting the best suspension available. You will also get a greater predictability and sharper handling your stock suspension wasn't able to provide.

In this video you can find comparison of Eibach Spring System vs Stock Suspension:

Eibach™ | Springs, Lowering Kits, Performance Suspension -

Make sure your BMW performs and looks the best with Eibach Suspension Products!
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