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The 228i may be the cheapest car in the BMW lineup, but it’s also one of the most authentic. It’s the one that reminds us of older BMWs rather than newer niche vehicles like the X4 and four-door “coupes.”

Replacing the old 1 Series, the 2 Series is about three inches longer, more than an inch wider and features a wheelbase that is 1.3 inches longer. It also looks better than the oddly proportioned 1 thanks to smoother lines. The complete look is less busy than any other BMWs or even the Mercedes CLA: the 228i’s main competitor.

But while it’s clear that the Mercedes CLA is for customers looking to buy a badge, the 2 Series actually delivers on what its brand stands for. This is a no-frills BMW coupe, one that looks back to the BMW heritage of fun, engaging, rear-wheel drive cars that get the basics right.
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I have seen and heard a Mercedes CLA pass by in front of my house everyday and it seemed or sounds like it's having hard time accelerating. It has weird sound coming from its engine. I felt sorry for the owner.

228i is a great car. It just feels small. But it's twin brother M235i is a different story.
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