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Hi all,

I bought a 2015 428i coupe about 2 years ago, it has been a nice ride overall.

However, last summer I took it for the first road trip, and during so I got this error on the screen telling me something about the drivetrain malfunction car start limping and it was no power. The driving condition was nothing crazy probably 30 to 40 miles an hour very low RPM 1500 or less.

I pulled over to look online what was all about it, but everyone had different opinions about what was wrong with it. When I restart the car error was gone. When back in town took it to my mechanic for testing but nothing was found.

The problem has happened 3 times since then with different driving conditions with the last one leaving me with the engine light on for 2 days on a road trip to vegas. I was able to drive the car under 70 miles and not overpassing 2500 RMP.

When came back again toke it to the mechanic, but again when he was about to start diagnosing the car he called telling the engine light was off, he kept it for 2 days and all he found was codes about the high fuel pump fail however he was not sure then that was the problem.

Any advice, help will be very appreciate
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