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Howdy All,

New member here. I purchased my 428 msport with mbrakes & xdrive preowned about two weeks ago and would like to change out the wheels from stock staggered (225x8:front 255x18:back) to 225 all the way around in order to be able to fit all season tires.

I have already ordered the all seasons to replace the summer tires and will be fitting them to the 255 in the mean time because supposedly they fit. I would like to find a more permanent solution to have the tires on better fitting wheels. We're sticking with the runflats only because it is our vehicle and we don't want to chance getting left with a flat or toying around a spare in the trunk.

Is it as simple as buying another pair of the front wheels 255x18" and throwing them on the back?

Thank you all, any comments are greatly appreciated :)
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