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Thanks... It's real carbon fiber manufactured on individual sheets which are purchased based upon the needs of the job. Considering the OEM version could be found for approximately $800, includes all the trim pieces versus just wrapping your existing components you save money. I paid $200 for the entire job. I was his first 4-Series job which allowed for the great price. I believe he would normally charge $300-$350. They can also wrap your entire roof in carbon fiber which would be different (considering it normally reserved for M-Series vehicles).

Notice how the gear shifter which is real OEM (normally sells for $250, but I found it on the web from an eager Bimmer dealer and only paid $187.99 delivered) matches the i-Drive panel. This is a great indication that the stuff used is the real deal. The pics were also taken at night in my garage. The contrast of the brushed aluminum is more striking in daylight.
I really like the way the carbon contrasts with the tan interior, in all honestly its really a unique look, I don't think BMW lets you get carbon trim with tan interior regardless :grin: :nerd:
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