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First of all i apologise if this was asked already but i have searched everywhere and cant find an answer....

i am tempted to buy a quad exhaust from a salvage M4 car but i was wondering if it would fit on a 4 series m sport 420d (only has one exhaust) - if it does fit? would it mean i would have to buy a M4 rear diffuser and has anyone tried to fit a M4 diffuser onto a 4 series? or buy a M4 bumper and fit it on the 4 series? pics of both cars rear bumpers attached

bmw 4 series rear bumper:

BMW M4 rear bumper

An example of a used M4 exhaust system

ALTERNATIVELY - (as the exhaust placement position on the rear bumper of both the 4 series and M4 is different) i was wondering would both cars have the same "rear bumper" placement meaning i could buy a M4 bumper to fit on the 4 series? pics of both bumpers below

M4 rear bumper

4 series rear bumper

Thank you for taking a moment to read through my question/s


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