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BMW Group will be tripling their carbon fibre production at their Moses Lake Facility. The expanded program will attract an investment of 200 million USD, lead to increased capacity of 9,000 tons per year ad will expand the work force by some 100 people. All together BMW will have themselves the largest carbon fibre facility in the world.

Due to the high demand for carbon fiber in automotive production, SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers is going to triple the capacity of the carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake, WA (USA). This has been announced today by the joint venture partners, SGL Group and BMW Group, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the planned site expansion. The expansion will be funded by an investment of 200 million US dollars, in addition to the previously invested 100 million US dollars. The site expansion, scheduled to be completed by early 2015, will make the plant in Moses Lake the world’s largest carbon fiber plant. With the anticipated creation of 120 new jobs, the headcount at the joint venture in Moses Lake is going to rise from currently 80 to about 200 people. Due to the automated production processes, the expansion of the site in Moses Lake will make it possible for the BMW Group to apply carbon fiber material also in other model series in the future, at competitive costs and in large quantities.
Its the last sentence that should be most exciting for shoppers. The Moses facility has been able to keep up with the current demand ear marked for M performance parts and full M cars, however with BMW's increasing dedication to shaving weight this likely means even the more pedestrian BMW's are going to benefit from this.

As part of an intelligent mix of materials, we will apply carbon also beyond our BMW i and BMW M models in the future. Thanks to the pooling of the SGL Group’s expertise and our knowledge in large-series production of CFRP components, we will be able to produce the ultra-lightweight high-tech material also for other model series, at competitive costs and in large quantities.”
If you remember a few months back BMW previewed some of their plans, CF rims, steering wheels and seat brackets could all possibly be in the pipeline. Also to keep in mind is BMW's proprietary plastic-carbon medley. They essentially take the excess carbon bits, mix it in with plastic and create a whole new material, we should also see an increase in the use of this secondary carbon fibre.

But really the biggest motivator of this announcement is likely be an expansion of the i line. Moses currently runs two production lines specifically for the i3 which gobbles up 3,000 tons of annual production.
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