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Other automakers are focusing on nine-speed transmissions, but BMW will be focusing on smaller three-cylinder power instead. BMW's small and midsize cars boss has confirmed that the current eight-speed automatic transmission, seven-speed dual-clutch gearboxes and six-speed manual transmissions are the perfect combination.

Frolich explained to AutoExpress that BMW ran some tests and the difference between the six-speed and eight speeds is seven or eight percent. With the added weight and costs of a nine-speed transmission, the benefit from a nine-speed transmission instead of eight is close to 0 percent.

BMW will stick with the DCT for M cars due to the fact that BMW can't make a torque-converter that would be durable at up to 8,000 rpm. BMW will also continue to offer a six-speed transmission on its M cars even if only 10 percent of customers want it.
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