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BMW's main draw at the 2015 CES is its BMW M4 Iconic Lights.

The laser lights are able to adapt to the road. A camera scans the road and then projects the light in such a manner that it doesn't affect other road goers.

The laser light technology can illuminate twice as far as any other light technology that is on the road today. Because of this, the camera had to be upgraded as well. Instead of a lens device, BMW has used another laser to track down cars in front. This laser, however, is invisible.

The system also uses something called Dynamic Spotlight Detection. This system will send a beam of light on any animal or human near the road to warn the driver of their presence. This system can detect and illuminate objects at a distance of 100 meters.

The laser lights will also be able to project information on the road, and it will also tell you if you have room to get through a tight spot.

Check out BMW's presentation at the 2015 CES.

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