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Our Spy photographers have been getting one heck of a workout this week, and are delivering the goods every day. Today we see the beefed up BMW M4 Coupe.

Of course, we mean beefy in terms of power output, as this M4 is expected to deliver at least 400 hp thanks to a turbocharged inline six engine. Due to the turbo powered engine, expect a serious boost in torque as well. There are considerable weight savings to be gained by switching to a six-cylinder engine, instead of the old V8, so expect the new M4 to be one agile sports car.

Sporting four massive tailpipes and a hood-bulge that will put any male underwear model to shame, this BMW looks ready to perform and is sure to deliver. Past M3 have been renowned for perfecting the super-sedan recipe, and the two-door models were just as impressive.

Earlier this week we spotted a pedestrian 4-series coupe sporting less camo as well. Is the launch of the new BMW coupe and super-coupe on the way next?


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