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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has banned a BMW M4 Convertible for "encouraging unsafe driving."

The commercial in question shows footage of the M4 driving on both public roads and a racetrack, but the ASA pointed out that at times it is hard to distinguish which is which.

BMW responded by saying that the two situations were "clearly differentiated from each other," but the ASA still decided to ban the commercial from airing in its current form. The ASA told BMW that is must ensure its future commercials don't "link racetrack and road driving styles in a way that focused on speed or encourage a manner of driving that would be irresponsible."


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Whats funny is that by banning the advertisement the ASA is actually now the one perpetuating unsafe driving on UK roads. The commercial will likely secure much more circulation because of the ban.

Or maybe you're just to irresponsible to watch TV ;)

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