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BMW is looking towards the future and it’s a world of driverless cars.

At the Geneva Motor Show, BMW board member Klaus Froehlich told Reuters that “for me it is a core competence to have the most intelligent car," and that is exactly what the company is aiming for; a car so intelligent it can drive itself.

Right before BMW’s 100th birthday the board member for research and development publicized their intent to overhaul the company and have half the R&D staff consisting of programmers. This way BMW can build and program the majority of their self-driving car instead of relying on others so they don’t end up like the “Foxconn for a company like Apple”.

BMW recently hired a 200-strong digital innovation team in Chicago and most of them have worked for Nokia in the past. But, they still need to partners in cloud development since this piece of technology will be used for storing data and software remotely and accessing it through the internet. With it the self-driving cars can receive information from the central networks like weather and traffic.

All of this may sound complicated, and it is, but we could be closer to a fully autonomous vehicle than you think. Last year BMW showed off their self-drifting car and maybe one day, they’ll come out with an autonomous 4 Series.

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