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It's something we have all recognized: BMW vehicles look very, very similar to one another. That is going to change soon though.

BMW design director Karim Habib says that the BMW M2 will be one of the last models to follow the current design language. The upcoming 7-series will be the first to bring in a fresh look for BMW. The 1 Series and 3 Series will also receive this treatment.

Apparently one reason for the change is the advent of LED technology. These lights don't need to be as big as halogen and xenon lmaps, so a revised headlight and fascia design is needed. LED tech should become the norm on most models in the future, but some will still have xenon and hlaogen lamps as an option. This will be a design challenge for BMW.

“We want each and every model to have its own little world. We think that’s important in a market where we sell two million cars this year,” said Karim Habib, BMW brand design director.
Right now the differences are slight, but you can expect to see more distinct models in the BMW line-up beginning in 2016.
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