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BMW BLOG Drives the new M4...

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Obviously they're a bit biased ;)

But why didn’t I feel like I was driving a BMW M car?

That’s mostly due to the exceptional road manners of the new M4. Dawdling along at a routine pace and with the suspension, throttle and steering set to Comfort you wouldn’t be out of line in thinking you’re at the wheel of a more pedestrian 435i. The suspension, while slightly more abrasive than the admittedly cushy 4 Series, brushes aside changes in the road surface with the utmost manners. The steering feel is lighter to receive inputs and with DCT set to choose its own gears, the exhaust note is rather mute at low rpms. I wafting along in relative comfort – even the M Sport seats, while a bit narrow for me at the hips, had wonderfully broad wings by which to cup my shoulders. It was as though a Bavarian speed god was cupping his hands around my back as I crept into the edge of the sedate Elkhart Lake.
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