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Hello all,

I’ve owned a 2015 435i for the last 2 1/2 years. Bought it used in great condition. It now has just under 60k miles. Only had a few issues and maintenance to deal with. Now it seems to be running on only 4 cylinders. This just happened last weekend. Haven't been able to drive the car all week. Did nothing to the car to cause this. No check engine lights just running like shit. Unburnt gas smell. So far I have pulled the plugs and coils. Found no issues. Checked the fuses under the hood and in the rear. No fuses blown. Checked the battery. Shows 12.65v not running and 14.50 volts running. Pulled codes 1f0515, 133011, 133102, 1f4a02. They refer to shorts in valvetronic and ignition and injectors. Not sure how to troubleshoot this. I'm a few days away from getting ass raped at the dealer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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