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Hi All,
I just bought a 420d M sport coupe on Thursday, Auto gearbox 18,500 miles. I started the engine and left it idling for a few minutes while I was playing with the IDrive and noticed a slight pulsing coming from the engine. It isn't loud, but it is enough to rock the car very slightly. It stops after a few minutes and the car drives fine

I have had this at least twice when the car is stared from cold in the morning. It doesn't happen every time, and it doesn't happen if the car is restarted shortly after being driven (when engine is warm)

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this with theirs? Is this really a problem? I am concerned about taking it to a service centre because I expect them to tell me there is nothing to diagnose. If anyone can tell me if their car does the same thing then I would be really grateful

Car was serviced just before it was handed to me on thursday
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