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If the auto industry only teaches one lesson time and time again, it’s that leaving well enough alone is almost as serious as taking a cyanide pill.

Few areas of the market offer a better illustration of that idea than the luxury segment, where the shotgun approach seems to be a growing trend. It’s better to build every conceivable permutation, even if some don’t sell very well.

Bearing that in mind, BMW will build a four-door version of its 4 Series – the new nameplate meant to migrate coupe and convertible versions of the current 3 Series farther upmarket. Confused?

The Gran Coupe, spied winter testing today, will be a more expensive and luxurious version of the 4 Series sold after the coupe and convertible versions reach dealers.

BMW is making a habit of building in-between cars that sell for more. There’s the popular X6 that sells for more than the X5 and an X4 on the way to follow the same path, but based on the X3.

Unfortunately, the spy photos here don’t hint at how much nicer the interior will be, but based on where BMW will have to slot the car you can expect it to be a premium version of the 3 Series.


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