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Brand equity can take decades to build up. It’s the sign of a business model that worked and has continued to work. So when you’ve got a name like the Big Mac you don’t just toss it aside. That is, unless you’re BMW. A new report suggests the German automaker will re-badge its 3 Series as the 4 Series.

Surely the folks from Bavaria haven’t lost all their German sensibilities you must be asking yourself? And you’d be right. The 3 Series sedan will in fact carry on badge. The coupe and convertible models will, however, become 4 Series models.

This fits with BMW’s 5 Series and 6 Series division, plus it apes similar badging strategies by Audi, with the A4/A5 and Mercedes-Benz with the C-Class/E-Class Coupe.

In addition, BMW will also adjust its numbering system for the 1 Series. As has been reported in the past, the hatchback models will retain the 1 Series badge (and will likely only be front-wheel drive), while the next-generation 1 Series coupe and convertible will instead be 2 Series versions.

A carefully thought out marketing strategy perhaps, but has BMW tossed out one good brand in the process? What about the M3?

[Source: CAR]
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