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Alpina B4 Coupe Spied Testing with 410 HP

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Famous BMW tuner Alpina has been caught testing its upcoming B4 model on the track.

The B4, which will be based on the BMW 4-Series coupe, features the same bi-turbo engine found under the hood of the B3 sedan, which was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The B3 Bi-Turbo features a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo straight-six engine with 410 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque.

The Alpina B4 will also get the standard treatment all Alpina models get, including an aerodynamic body kit, wheels and suspension. There might also be a chance that the B4 will offer an all-wheel-drive variant.

The Alpina B4 is expected to make its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


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nice! I wonder how we know its 410 HP if its meant to be kept hidden o.0
nice! I wonder how we know its 410 HP if its meant to be kept hidden o.0
good question, my guess is that they are going off of some what i believe to be leaked engine specs. i think a while back some of the engines and engine specs were leaked
Alpina never lets us down. That is an incredible amount of power. I wonder if that is where the power band maxes out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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