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I love what they did here, the exterior modifications have been kept minimal but it still looks good. thank god they didn't 'rice' it out.
looking at the picture gallery on the link, the rear end looks beautiful!

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Since long time the AC Schnitzer Team was looking forward with high tension to the release of the new BMW 4 series. The challenge for us is now to create a "4 series Coupe by AC Schnitzer" based on the 4 series coupe which exceeds the expectation of advanced Technic, Sportivity, Aesthetics, Dynamic and Comfort.

BMW 4 series with AC Schnitzer Light Alloy Wheels Type VIII BiColor Black

for BMW 428 with 180 kW/245 hp to 216 kW/294 hp
for BMW 435i with 225 kW/306 hp to 265 kW/360 hp
for BMW 420d with 135 kW/184 hp to 160 kW/218 hp

AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with two chromed "Racing" tail trims in left / right combination
AC Schnitzer "Racing" tail trims, chromed
AC Schnitzer racing suspension, height adjustable
AC Schnitzer spring kit, lowering approx. 25 mm

AC Schnitzer aluminium handbrake handle "Black Line"
AC Schnitzer gear knob with digital shifting display
AC Schnitzer leather gear knob, illuminated
AC Schnitzer aluminium gear knob "Black Line"
AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set
AC Schnitzer foot rest
AC Schnitzer aluminium cover, "Black Line" for BMW's own "i-Drive" system controller (only for cars without BMW navigation system "Professionell")
AC Schnitzer floor mats, velours

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I swear that suspension was made by KW.
Wouldn't doubt it. Alot of high end manufacturers will make their products available to tuning houses or retailers to offer as OEM components. Its like how most OEM rims are made by some high end rim manufacturer. Its how these companies help to guarantee their revenue stream...

Was there an E92 Schnitzer tuned coupe or is the AC 4 series something completely new?
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