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435d order

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Hello All - am new on here, but just about to order a 435d in the UK in mineral grey, black leather, black high gloss with brushed aluminium, professional media, HUD, speed limit display, 442M wheels, privacy, enhanced Bluetooth, adaptive m sport suspension, internet, Harman kardon. All in, best part of £50k which is a lot for a 4 series!

before I finalize order - would anyone offer any advice on options?

Am wanting to place order next week (is company car)

thanks all
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congrats and welcome to the forum

finally someone with a diesel. :)
Thanks cfrp - for company car drivers in the UK, diesel is the only way to go.
welcome aboard!

BMW discontinued the 435d (335d) in NA for F90... I'm a little disappointed TBH I drove the 335d sedan a few years back and swore my next BMW would be a 335d....

sounds like you've got a pretty sweet pack priced out, enjoy ;)
thanks Bird. All ordered now, leasing firm are suggesting mid feb delivery to the dealer in the UK
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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