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Hello All
My 2016 428i has been a real treat to drive and own. It is well past Dealer Care now but I take very good care of this vehicle. Recently noticed that my windshield washers were inoperative. I pulled out the owners manual to find the fuse location. The manual showed the fuse location was in the right side of the trunk above the battery. In my car the 428i Convertible there are 3 30amp fuses. Pulled all three and checked them with an OHM meter. All three are good.
I swapped their positions to see if it would make any change but still no washer power. The fuse chart is very GERMAN and has a picture of the (car on a lift) but no explanation. Is this a dealer service item only? Anyone out there have an answer. I am very mechanically proficient and have many years in maintaining and restoring cars and motorcycles. Im stumped!!
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