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The BMW 3 Series has long established the benchmark for combining sporty driving characteristics with a premium touch. The latest iteration has even shown that the pro-athlete of a sedan can also clean up and please management, with more space and driving modes that allow the car to be driven more sensibly and more comfortably.

Critics may say it’s been watered down. Thankfully, the two-door has seen no such dilution, solidifying BMW as the go-to brand when looking for a fun-to-drive, engaging and immersive experience.

When it comes to dominating the segment, the 4 Series coupe compliments the 3 Series sedan so well that the two could be considered the next big dynamic duo, mentioned alongside Kobe and Shaq or Jordan and Pippen. Heck, even Batman and Robin.


Don't be misled into believing the 4 Series is just a 3 lacking rear doors. For the most part it may use the same sheetmetal and angles, but visually, it’s far more confident, the new corporate look matching the coupe’s athletic and agile prowess perfectly.
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